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artist’s prints & illustrations

Illustration for Italo Calvino’s ‘Who Put the Mine in the Sea?’

artist’s prints

Some of my illustrations are available as signed artist’s prints.

I drew most of them as picture book stories, by researching historical resources. In The Boatman’s Knot buildings, boats, clothes and people are true to life in Guangzhou in 1860-70. The story is a fantasy but set in a real past.


The winter brought invitations from Vogue & World of Interiors to appear in Vogue’s Gallery & Artistic Impressions December to March.

If you would like to buy a signed artist’s print of one my illustrations contact me at rowena.riley@gmail.com

The drawings are small and intimate, most of the originals are size A4 or A3, but can be printed larger depending on the image. Prices from £200.00 plus postage. Here are some below, others under Illustration

All images © Rowena Riley