artist’s prints & illustrations

Illustration for Italo Calvino’s ‘Who Put the Mine in the Sea?’

artist’s prints

Some of my illustrations are available as signed artist’s prints.

I drew most of them as picture book stories, by researching historical resources. In The Boatman’s Knot buildings, boats, clothes and people are true to life in Guangzhou in 1860-70. The story is a fantasy but set in a real past.


The winter brought invitations from Vogue & World of Interiors to appear in Vogue’s Gallery & Artistic Impressions December to March.

If you would like to buy a signed artist’s print of one my illustrations contact me at

The drawings are small and intimate, most of the originals are size A4 or A3, but can be printed larger depending on the image. Prices from £200.00 plus postage. Here are some below, others under Illustration

All images © Rowena Riley

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